Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Why We Need Strangers

These videos are short, blurry, and difficult to understand. Nevertheless, they absolutely prove why we need to own the documentary 'Strangers', pronto.

This is Tim's voice the whole way through. I did a Google Search and apparently this is somehow related to a Martin Short sketch/song. Notice Tom mouthing the words in the mirror in a disinterested manner:

EDIT: Apparently Ba-Ba-Ba-Broadway! is the title of a musical comedy Martin Short released 2 years after this documentary was made. So...maybe unrelated.

And you're sooooo smart, too. Definitely 11/10:

Just wow. In case you, er, can't tell, this is "Everybody's Changing":

Welcome Back. With A High Note.

I've said in the past...or at least, I've thought- that the world of classical music may have lost a possible star when Tom Chaplin decided to do that Keane rubbish. But watch this video. At the end, he sings the largest and most beautiful sundae...er...high note I have ever heard. HA! That phrase actually fits for once. Anyway, here's Keane recording 'Perfect Symmetry' (or rather, Symmotry) in Berlin last year: