Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Some random bits and bobs

Just a few random tidbits- first of all, so Dunduk doesn't feel all alone in his non-understanding of NPH's epic NPH-ness, THE ORIGINAL PSYCHIC SPOONBENDER:

And another lovely little Keane song (with a moronic video. Sorry. The only other video I could find made some rather disturbing claims about Tom/Tim's relationship. PEOPLE. Jeez.) which I think ALL READERS of this blog will enjoy. This is another early, unreleased ditty entitled "He Used to Be a Lovely Boy", released as a B-side to "Is It Any Wonder" during their dark, uncommunicative, drug-fueled Under the Iron Sea period. It's quite obviously another Tim-to-Tom song, similar to "Hamburg Song", with lyrics like "no one here will miss you now":

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