Friday, July 10, 2009

On a Day Like Today

So some time ago, I found this absolutely magical performance of Keane's "On a Day Like Today", live in Amsterdam. It was released only on the UK version of Hopes and Fears, and when I found it on iTunes, I originally rather disliked it. But after seeing this live performance, and hearing Tom's earnest (and f-bomb-containing) explanation, I fell in love with the song.

And then YouTube informed me that the user had removed the video.

But not to fear! I found it again. So, from good ole 2005, "On a Day Like Today". It's not immediately the most interesting song, and Tom starts out a touch shaky, but it's an absolutely hypnotic, gut-wrenching, hopeless song. So the usual cheerful stuff. Oh, and for some reason, there are bubbles around 3:50. Seriously:

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