Sunday, November 23, 2008


Hello, beeboll! Welcome to my humble blog.

For a while, I've considered creating a blog, purely out of convenience. Because, let's face it, sharing information with people is tough. Facebook is awesome. Also, my mom doesn't have a Facebook, so I have to repeat all of the awesome stuff through Yahoo Mail, thus defeating the point of the awesome stuff. Only SOME OF MY FRIENDS don't check their emails, so back to Facebook it is! And let's not even start with Youtube and photo sharing.

So, I realized that the quickest, easiest method of getting stuff out to people would be a blog! And who knows? Maybe somebody outside of my current 4-reader radius will actually be mildly amused by my ramblings! Ok, ok, I jest...

Anyway, check back often for an eclectic mishmash of Michael Johns news, disturbing/amusing photoshops, madlibs, internet finds, the beeboll guy, best-of-Harry-Solomon compilations, anti-Nigel rants, movie reviews, and photos of people receiving transmissions from the Big Giant head. Mostly that first and last bit, actually.

So, without further ado, enjoy! The first real post should be up within a few hours.

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