Sunday, November 23, 2008

And Certain Kinds of Cheese.

Nope, I'm sorry, this post has nothing to do with cheese. I just remembered a great 3rd Rock From the Sun quote where Harry describes things he's afraid of. Back to schedule programming:

I'm going to get all deep and serious here because I was thinking about this blog, and I realized that while posting other people's videos and other's people's photos and other people's interviews is very convenient and all, it's also kind of lame. And let's face it; my photoshops aren't exactly going to set the world on fire.

So, every now and then, I'll write something! Like this post. Because a blog is a pretty amazing thing. Just think about it. When a writer gets their work to an audience through traditional means- a publisher, a competition- it has to be judged first, then maybe it'll be passed on to the audience. But with a blog, it's the opposite; first a wide audience reads your blog, THEN they judge it.

And maybe they never come back again. Or, worse, they hate it and leave nasty comments. But that's what comment moderation is for! Yep, Big Brother is watching you, folks. Some of your comments will never see the light of day. Particularly the ones advertising 75% OFF DEAL AT DISCOUNT DESIGNER FASHION .COM!!!. I'm sorry, Spambots. You will be censored.

So, anyway, to bring my ramblings to a point: blogs are fun. I'll try to make this blog fun, too. If you're a Nigel and aren't completely obsessed with Michael Johns, that's ok*, because there will be other stuff here. And if you ARE completely obsessed with Michael Johns, or House, or other things that are ASSOCIATE-approved...welcome home! And your name is probably Katie, Layne, or Maya.

*I jest; it is NOT ok. WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU?! Jeez.

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