Friday, January 30, 2009

Fascinating Engrish

I have discovered my own inexhaustable source of engrish: the comments on the KeaneMusic blog.

For example, on a post about how some fan made these little wooden block-shaped models of Tim and Tom:

Greattttttttttttttt cute cute and where's Rich lol lol lol lol yeah !! maybe if hteses models make em dance lol lol lol lol Rich I love your arts LoVE ya my beloved band kisses fro Brazil we ara waiting for you in March :))))))))))))))))))))) ps: oh!!! thanks for the lovely video at UMusic me and all the fans here love when Tom said Belo Horizonteee lol lol lol lol

Where do you find this kind of amazing stuff ?... It's too funny because this looks like totemic artworks or to the trinket as we find in the "kings cake"... KEANE, too cute as small broad beans !!!

Hi ! Can anybody tell me if these headsquares of Tom and Tim mean they are stubborns? Answering question.........Richard`s one , is on ebay and its price will make the drummer`s ego grow as the bear froth... (smirk). Great pictures, very funny. Cheers.

This sort of stuff makes my life very happy.

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