Saturday, December 6, 2008

How I Named This Blog, or, PREPARE TO BE DAZZLED

Today I had a discussion with a certain person whose name begins with K and ends with E about the name of this blog. I mentioned that I'd considered just naming it Associate World or ASSOCIATEd World to highlight the ASSOCIATE reference, but had decided on Associated World because it was a relatively normal title.

But there's also a little wordplay involved that I didn't quite realize until now. A lot of our inside jokes are really based on, well, ASSOCIATIONS. For example, Crusteh Bob alone wouldn't give much material for jokes. But when you incorporate 88 Minutes, you get "Tick Tock Doc" and Al Pacino, and then you get a photo of Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro together and suddenly Phillip Glass is mixed up in it all and you get this:

So much joy! And all because of ASSOCIATIONS. So there. My blog name is justified!

And now, enjoy this cute song and music video from Fountains of Wayne:

Yes, that IS the band we randomly saw playing in the middle of Evanston in October. Yes, this song DOES grow on you eventually.

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