Monday, December 1, 2008

Super-Spy Challenge

Well, golly. I was just readin' some stuff on good ole IMDB, and I clicked on a trailer for a movie, fully knowing that somebody whose name seemed, uh, familiar would be in the trailer. And I found them, gosh darn it...or so I thought. Then I watched the thing frame-by-frame (it's very jumpy), and I realized that I hadn't actually found them the first time around. So no more clues, and let's play SPOT THE RANDOM PERSON! Warning: this is pretty bloody and salacious and disturbing, so I'm not too sure about the movie itself...

If you're completely stumped, some clues:

1) Yep, the studio is called Hannibal. Nope, that's not the point.
2) Look around 0:37
3) Yep, I thought that was the person you probably thought it was too. It's not. Now go back to 0:35 and literally go frame-by-frame (by double-clicking the play/pause button). See it yet?
4) It's not one of the people listed in the credits. That would be kind of, you know, easy.

I'll post the answer + a screencap tomorrow, maybe, if anyone bothers to care, myself included. It's pretty exciting, though.

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