Sunday, December 28, 2008

Prank Calls and Unfairness

Slow Engrish and news and whatnot day, so I dredged up some random stuff...

Okay. I admit. Each time they aired Idol Gives Back, I had a mental image of all the contestants just chatting with each other the whole time. Or, you know, doing this. Now I have to add Mekhi Phifer to my ever-growing list of "people I can't take seriously through no fault of their own". THANKS. Jeez.

Also, HOW DOES HE DO THAT FINGER THING??? I've tested this, and have come to the conclusion that my fourth finger cannot separate that far from my fifth finger by itself. It just CAN'T. AND I'VE BEEN PLAYING PIANO FOR 11.5 YEARS! Not bloody fair.

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